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We use Amazon Planet’s super premium açai sorbet, made exclusively with sustainably harvested berries at the peak of ripeness, to provide you with all the delicious flavor and awesome nutrition of fresh açai. The sorbet is truly in a class of its own, as it is MADE FRESH IN THE AMAZON within hours of the berries being picked (not reprocessed in the US using frozen ingredients or concentrates) It is INCOMPARABLY PURE (no preservatives, colors or flavors). The açai is also organic (we don’t use any conventional ingredients).


We prepare, clean, and cut each fruit daily to ensure our customers get the best quality and freshest ingredients. The fruit in our bowls are never frozen, flash frozen (IQF), prepackaged, or canned.



The açaí tree, Euterpe Oleracea Martius, is a slender palm that grows 15-20m tall and is native to the nutrient-rich floodplains of the Amazon, especially the Amazon River estuary. Several individual trunks grow out of a single root. This gives the açai palm a distinctive, attractive look, which is why it is often used as an ornamental plant in urban areas of the Amazon and the rest of Brazil.

In the rural areas of the Amazon the açai palm tree is an important natural resource. All of its components have specific uses: Its leaves are used to make thatched roofs, baskets and mats, the branched twigs on which the açai fruits grow become natural brooms and the hard, round seeds of the açai fruit are recycled as organic fertilizer, used as fuel and increasingly used to make necklaces, bracelets and other handicrafts.

Furthermore, besides bearing the açai fruit, the açai palm is also famous for its soft, inner core, namely the palm hearts that are used in salads and other "gourmet" dishes. Unfortunately, the extraction of palm hearts entails the cutting of the trees. While in some areas the palm hearts are extracted in a rational fashion (only the older palm trunks are cut), rational extraction is seldom the rule. Fortunately, as the economic importance of the açai fruit increases, so does the incentive of the farmers to preserve the palm trees for their fruit instead of cutting them down for their palm hearts.
Açai is truly a remarkable fruit. Growing atop elegant palm trees in the lushest parts of the Amazon rainforest, the açai fruit looks a lot like a blueberry. But, should you go to the Amazon one day, make sure you don’t pop one in your mouth and bite on it - you may break a tooth! Because, far from being a fleshy berry, the açai fruit is a hard, wooden seed covered by a very thin skin.
While açai’s seed isn’t edible (it’s used as fertilizer, fuel and to make beaded jewelry), açai’s thin skin is a nutritional marvel, combining the best of berries and nuts: At the micronutrient level it is packed with powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins. And at the macronutrient level it boasts a virtually perfect composition: plenty of heart-healthy omega fatty acids, a good amount of dietary fiber, some protein and practically no sugars! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?
What’s more, the fruit’s pulp is consumed in the form of a thick purée (see ‘the food’) that has a delightfully creamy texture and combines notes of dark chocolate with that of wild berries. So açai doesn’t only offer unparalleled nutrition but is also delicious to the palate: truly the best of both worlds! More on Acai please visit Amazon Planet's Website.